For me, creating art is a journey.  I let the person, the moment, or a tiny detail overlooked by some, take me in a direction and ultimately form the image. I open my mind to new possibilities and creations. Realizing that time passes quickly, it's that brief moment when all there is about a person is reflected through the lens and I want to capture a glimpse of it. I believe it is this connection and creative process that allows me to express what I see and let my subjects see themselves the way I do.

From the time I had my first camera; I have wanted to share what I see with others through my photography. I want them to feel the peacefulness of the studio before the work begins, the busy bee gathering his food, the softness of a petal or the brilliant significance of autumn. To take them on a journey to a place they may not have been or bring an inanimate object to life.

I have been recognized as an emerging artist in various art mediums and my work is now in private collections within the U.S., Canada, Mexico and as far away as Europe and Asia. Because of the encouragement of other artists and clients, I began a professional study of photography. As I gained, and continue to gain, the experience and education to transform this inspiring art form into a professional enterprise.  I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and Arizona Professional Photographers of America.